Cultivation/Growing Supplies:

Stockport Gourmet Mushrooms and Foraging provides quality cultivation supplies at very reasonable prices.  Cultures, grow bags, spawn, kits and more!  I prefer the personal service and amazing product that I receive from Leighton at a fraction of the cost of what larger outfits such as Aloha Medicinals command.

Aloha Medicinals provides about everything you can imagine when it comes to mushrooms.  Cultures, supplies, kits…..  This company is highly regarded in the cultivation community for providing the most expansive top-notch culture bank.  They also sell products/supplements made with organic medicinal mushrooms.

Shroom Supply is another highly regarded company that sells cultivation supplies and mycology products.

Info on Growing Mushrooms:

Mushroom Growing is an incredible resource on Facebook for people who are new to the game as well as seasoned growers.  I personally learn so much from this group on a daily basis.  Without this group, I would not be where I am today.  Now although this group does focus on “magic mushrooms” or rather, psychedelic species, they offer a lot of helpful info on growing edible mushrooms in general.