Mushroom Identification:

The Mushroom Identification Group on Facebook is a wonderful resource for aid in IDing your finds.  Please be sure to read the pinned post regarding the guidelines of the group before posting.  Pay close attention to the info that is listed such as details and pics needed for a proper post. is an invaluable online resource for IDing mushrooms.  This site provides general info as well as dichotomous keys to help you ID your finds.  As an added bonus, there is also a link on that page to help with IDing trees, which is another must when foraging for mushrooms.

Cooking Mushrooms:

Cooking with Wild Mushrooms is a group on Facebook dedicated to sharing recipes and cooking tips using wild, edible mushrooms.  Please read the pinned post before posting in this group.  Also note that discussion of only wild, foraged mushrooms (not commercially grown varieties) is allowed.