Video tour of the new grow room!

We have been super busy here at Fox Farm Forage – we have recently added a new fruiting chamber to accommodate our growth. Its so nice, there is so mush room! Sorry, mushroom jokes. Anyway, here is a quick video we put together – hope you enjoy it!


  1. Thanks for the awesome tour of your growing room Amy. That was very informative and neat to see how you do things.

    Scott from CMGN

  2. Nice grow room you have there .) I was wondering, how do you inspect buckets for contamination, as they are not see-through?

    • Hi! I moved away from the bucket method quite some time ago. The buckets were a vector for contamination, and the amount of water required to sanitize them was wasteful. We are building a new facility that should be complete in the near future, we will update this page with a new video tour when it’s operational.

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