Who we are:

Fox Farm & Forage LLC is a small woman-owned farm that produces quality gourmet edible mushrooms that are all grown indoors in a controlled environment utilizing sustainable farming practices.  Organic substrates are used as much as possible.

It is just me, Amy M. Fox, RN-BSN, with my mushroom madness.  This venture spawned (pun intended) from my obsession with foraging for mushrooms.  I put countless hours into research as well as maintaining my small operation in the most hygienic manner possible.

Having a type A perfectionist demeanor is a plus in this business!  I enjoy foraging as well and will offer those items as they are available.  The business is called Fox Farm & Forage and not Fox Mushroom Farm & Forage because as the business grows, other products will be offered.  So stay tuned…

About me:

Although I am truly not that interesting, I figured I should at least let you know a little bit about myself.

I am a 49 year old, extremely happily married mother of two young adults.  I have three degrees: a Bachelor’s in Zoology, an Associate’s in Nursing, and a Bachelor’s in Nursing.  My official title is RN-BSN but I am not currently practicing.  Instead, my attention is focused on, you guessed it: mushrooms!

Being a nurse does come in handy though.  It means that I am a freak about safety when it comes to mushrooms: the cleanliness of my operation, my extreme caution when it comes to foraged items, and my recognition that just because it is found in nature and dubbed “natural”, does not make it safe.  Also, as a nurse (as well as someone who studies and practices herbalism) I recognize that some mushrooms have medicinal qualities that can amplify or inhibit the actions of some medications.

I am a nerd.  Yep, I said it.  I. AM. A. NERD. And proud of it, lol! That quality comes in handy because I enjoy the research that is necessary to pursue this multifaceted venture.  I love to learn and each day that I learn something new, I realize how small my personal pool of knowledge is as compared to the vast ocean that exists.

I have stated who I am but I want to be sure that I am clear on who I am not.  I am not an expert on the subject of mycology.  Actually, I am an expert on humility though.  I am quick to state that I do not know everything and there is so much for me to learn.  On that note, off to do some more research…