Who we are:

Fox Farm & Forage LLC is a small woman-owned farm that produces quality gourmet edible mushrooms that are all grown indoors in a controlled environment utilizing sustainable farming practices.  Organic substrates are used as much as possible.


Amy M. Fox, RN-BSN / Owner of Fox Farm & Forage LLC

It is just me, Amy M. Fox, RN-BSN, with my mushroom madness but complimented with the technical support and engineering/construction talents  of my better half, my husband Jim.  Our son is integral to the business as well, assisting me with numerous shroom-producing tasks.  This is a new venture spawned (pun intended) from my obsession with mushrooms.  I put countless hours into research as well as maintaining my small operation in the most hygienic manner possible.

Having a type A perfectionist demeanor is a plus in this business!  I enjoy foraging as well and will offer those items as they are available.  The business is called Fox Farm & Forage and not Fox Mushroom Farm & Forage because as the business grows, other products will be offered.  So stay tuned…

About me:

Although I am truly not that interesting, I figured I should at least let you know a little bit about myself.

I am a 43 year old, extremely happily married mother of two teenagers.  I have three degrees: a Bachelor’s in Zoology, an Associate’s in Nursing, and a Bachelor’s in Nursing.  My official title is RN-BSN but I am not currently practicing.  Instead, my attention is focused on, you guessed it: mushrooms!

Being a nurse does come in handy though.  It means that I am a freak about safety when it comes to mushrooms: the cleanliness of my operation, my extreme caution when it comes to foraged items, and my recognition that just because it is found in nature and dubbed “natural”, does not make it safe.  Also, as a nurse I recognize that some mushrooms have medicinal qualities that can amplify or inhibit the actions of some medications.

I am a nerd.  Yep, I said it.  I. AM. A. NERD. And proud of it, lol! That quality comes in handy because I enjoy the research that is necessary to pursue this multifaceted venture.  I love to learn and each day that I learn something new, I realize how small my personal pool of knowledge is as compared to the vast ocean that exists.

I have stated who I am but I want to be sure that I am clear on who I am not.  I am not an expert on the subject of mycology.  Actually, I am an expert on humility though.  I am quick to state that I do not know everything and there is so much for me to learn.  On that note, off to do some more research…


  1. Hello guys, your phone number is not in the website. Can any of you call me or send me contact info via email or text?

    Thank You

    Chef Alexis
    cell: (919) 943-5275

    • Hi,
      I apologize that I do not have my phone number listed. I do that to prevent the large volume of spam that I receive. I will email you my cell number. : )

  2. Hi Amy,
    Those chicken of the woods mushrooms I bought from you this weekend at WWFM taste amazing! I can’t wait for 24 hours to pass so I can scarf down the rest! Hope to see you next week for more mushroom 🙂

    • Yeah!!!!!! I am so glad to hear that you are not one of the members of the small percentage of the population that cannot tolerate them! : ) It would be so horrible to experience the amazing flavor only to be one of the few that get sick. Again, so glad you enjoyed them and I am so glad that I was able to share that wonderful mushroom with you and others as sadly I do not find it that often. See you at the next market! : )

  3. Good Afternoon! Meet your husband yesterday at the Apex Farmer’s Market. Are you Gap Certified?

    Beautiful product!

  4. Hey Amy, so I visited your stall last Saturday, and I was wondering, do you use pesticides?

    • Hi Amy. No, I do not use pesticides on my product. I try to avoid all chemicals as much as possible. Unfortunately there is a pest called a fungus gnat that is highly attracted to mushrooms and can destroy a growing operation pretty quickly if not addressed. I rarely see them but when I have I very quickly address the issue with a pyrethrin-based insecticide that is specifically appropriate for this use. It never comes in contact with the mushrooms though since I never treat until after all the mushrooms are harvested.

  5. Good morning!

    Poaching a couple of FoXfArM eggs and then off to EI.

    Take Care.


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